BRC20 // ATaY

Mint limit420
Minted by ARTaY0,6%
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// 1

Earn money to release my NFT collection on the BRC20 network. I got some first editions to release on BRC20

// 2

Spread some love and smoke wee… in the blockchain world, hate removes the brightest minds from each other

// 3

Create “real” blockchain use cases on several blockchains. Let the natural selection process do its job and deliver the best blockchain



You will receive unconditional love for your participation in this project. This is priceless


You are part of a token with the goal of creating use cases. This is very sexy and now you are too


Everyone has the opportunity to profit by participating in the minting of this token


Every holder of this token is entitled to free NFTs. These NFTs are fabulous just like you are


Why this BRC20 token?

Because I would like to inscribe the 1st editions of the BRC20 NFT collection on BRC20 and I am a few Bitcoin short for this purpose. In addition, the BRC20 token is hype so I hope to maybe get attention for this project.

And when you have those few BTC and attention?

Then I can finally release my BRC20 NFT collection on the BRC20 network and be a happy person.

What to do with the remaining earnings?

With that money, I will smoke wee… I hope to be able to do more research and then take action. I have been lurking on blockchain since 2016 and I don’t understand some things and why blockchain is still so in its infancy in terms of usability.

Explain further…

What I don’t understand is why there is so much debate within the blockchain world. Who is the creator of BTC and who especially is not, which blockchain is the best, etc. etc. Why is this? Why is there no collaboration toward a goal where blockchain can be used daily? In my opinion, after more than 10 years, we are not using blockchain apps in our daily lives, if at all. How then with all those billions earned?

And what do you want to do about this?

Sit together and smoke wee… Now I lack the technical brain cells but think I have an idea what blockchain could serve for in our daily lives. This I would like to elaborate further. The notepads below already summarize the steps made during the exploration. Again, I am not the technical brain of the whole thing just the person who is loudly shouting along from the sidelines, the credits for the technical steps in the notes go to someone else (🙏 BK).

Which blockchains do you prefer?

My idea is to create smart contracts/ user interfaces/ test applications for four blockchains. Now I prefer four blockchains and would like to keep the option open for other participants of this project to add more blockchains projects:

Interesting, can you elaborate on this choice?

But of course! Remember, these four are on my list and virtually the number of participants in this project may increase the number of blocckhain projects. In some cases, perhaps certain smart contracts and/or Onion can be shared between the projects.

BTC – Makes sense, this is the first and since on-chain registration is possible I think this is definitely worth exploring further.

ETH – Needs no explanation either, however, transaction costs are the main reason to explore other smart-contract blockchains.

BSV – Well, I know a lot of readers will hate me for this, but honestly, why do a lot of blockchain fanatics pretend this blockchain doesn’t exist? Look at the technology, Twetch, RelayX and dozens of other applications that use the on-chain capabilities of BSV. I hope participants of this project can look beyond one person’s attitude/opinion/quotes and focus on the block size opportunities of this blockchain.

FIL/SC– Both projects offer tremendous potential for storing files in the blockchain. As a result, both projects should be included for further study.

CS – This is a project I have been following since day 1. Experienced many ups and downs but always the team did their best to make the best of it. Only 20 million raised during the ICO and like many blockchain projects, CS is struggling to find a revenue model within the decentralized world. As a result, the central options (including a banking license to issue IBAN account) are well represented, however, the balance is missing towards the decentralized part to which I want to contribute through this project.

Wow, must ask, is this project feasible?

Surely it is high time something other than scams, APY and NFTs took place! Whether it is feasible? Yes indeed, where there is a will there is a way! By allowing everyone to participate in the mint of this project, all involved can “collectively earn budget” to be put into development. If we combine these budgets, then we can really create something very beautiful on multiple blockchains!

And if people do not want to participate in this project?

Then not I guess? I hope by selling my NFTs to make money for this purpose in addition to this BRC20 token project. It will just take a little more time to implement the ideas.