Who am I


TLDR: My name is ARTaY, nice to meet you!

I am a human being, in my mid-30s and looking for an opportunity to bring change. I disagree with a lot of topics and hope to provide a counterpoint.

Through my NFT creations, I hope to share my dissenting mindset with those interested. Also, by selling my collection, I hope to give myself the opportunity to work less so that I can dedicate myself more to benefit this world and its humans.

Why this NFT website?

In recent years I have used photoshop and illustrator a lot for work purposes. Now I enjoy being on the computer, but creating logos and websites for no reason is not quite my thing. Then in recent years came the NFT hype and with that I see enough space for my creations to be published.

In early 2021, I started creating the first Bitcoin Crypto Card. Because I am not yet financially independent I still need to work (full time) so my NFT collection has been secondary to my work obligations every time in the past years.

After surviving corona with my consulting business I had another business setback at the beginning of this year, which made me decide I wanted to spend more time on my NFT and blockchain hobby and try to turn back the work in the evenings and devote it to my hobby.

Due to the setback early this year, my budgets are once again limited just like the corona years before. As a result, I simply do not have the ability to translate my NFTs into real-life items as I would very much like. In addition to a digital image/artwork, I also want to link the digital file to a real artwork or a real crypto trading card.

Over the past few months I have already received some samples that, as soon as my budget allows again, I will pick up immediately. The idea is to pair the 1st editions of my creations with real-life art in the future and until then I will release the non-1st editions in hopes of raising budgets for the real-life art pieces.

Until then, I hope to convey a nostalgic feeling by releasing only digital creations. Since I was born in the mid-80s, I have tried to translate a lot of items from the 90s and 00s into a digital item that you can find back in your wallet.

With this I hope that collectors of my NFT’s can experience the nostalgic feeling of the old days by few clicks to their wallet and can get back to the good old days.

Also, by releasing my NFT collections paired with a BRC20 ATAY token, I hope to be able to create more space between my business commitments to pursue some ideas I have for blockchain. In my opinion, more real use cases may be created on blockchain and here I hope to be able to free up time for this once this project takes more shape.

In my view, blockchain lends itself perfectly to other non-financial transactions/services such as communication and storage capabilities that deserve more attention. Where the focus is primarily within serving financial markets/institutions, my gut tells me that blockchain may lend itself better to communication purposes for humanity. Be honest, how many payments does an average person make in a day and how many messages does the same person send daily?

Now I have a vision and a very big mouth, but unfortunately not yet the technical knowledge to further develop what I envision. For this I need to (a) hire external expertise or (b) learn it myself and for this I hope to use future budgets. In addition to communication purposes, blockchain also lends itself perfectly to data storage. Mileage registration, product registration, property registration and many more possibilities are available in blockchain.

Future sales of the NFTs and BRC20 tokens will be used to create such level 1 blockchain applications. In addition to putting together smart contracts for a number of blockchains, I will also look at building user interfaces to make writing and reading data and information to and from the blockchain easy.

I will share more about this vision in the coming period and will elaborate on the steps to be taken and taken on this website.